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Elo Touch Solutions E008250 POS System

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Elo Touch Solutions E008250 POS System
All-in-one, Elo PayPoint for the Apple iPad integrates cash drawer, credit card reader, barcode scanner, receipt printer, and customer facing display, for your favorite Apple iOS point-ofsale (POS) software application. The flip-for-signature docking tray for the Apple iPad encourages shopper engagement and electronic receipt delivery. Retail peripheral expansion is supported by an additional serial port. iPad charging supported when docked.
What You Can Do:

Deploy your favorite POS software on a stylish all-in-one platform that works as good as it looks
Accept new forms of payment
Deploy proximity marketing
Integrate required POS peripherals
Stay connected wirelessly
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United States of America
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Not Specified
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United States Dollar
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Point of Sale
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19 May 2018
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20 May 2026

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